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Teenage hands. (2016-11-6)

When we (yes, I typed ‘we’) were first diagnosed almost ten years ago, my son was a baby. A real live 4 year old baby. A baby in many other people’s eyes too. I mean, c’mon, 4 year olds are still adorable, cute, funny, silly and well, babies. I used to test his blood using […]


Eight years… (2015-7-25)

Eight years feels like a lifetime. But I certainly know it’s not. It flew by in the blink of an eye, or rather a click of a poker.   I want to share with you some things I’ve learned over these last 8 years A TOP TEN list if you will.   1.The experienced T1 […]


Dear Mr. Boss Man… (2015-1-15)

Dear Mr. Boss Man, I am tired. No, not the I-stayed-up-late-and-watched-Parenthood-tired, but the bone-aching, mind-numbing, I-worked-all-night tired. Yes Mr. Boss Man, I do have another job. Or rather, your job, is the other job. Your job is the one that pays the bills and gives us health benefits. Your job is the one for which […]