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For each a plan (2009-5-31)

Although people living with type 1 diabetes all have the same autoimmune disease, the ‘how to’ of living with diabetes are different for each and every person. Sure, every person diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is on insulin, but how they get that insulin and what type differ for every person. Each person must have […]


No switching T1 and T2 (2009-5-30)

Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are not different levels of diabetes. Once you are diagnosed as either one or the other, you stay with that type of diabetes. No switching can occur. If I had a nickel (well $20.00 bill) for every time I heard someone say, “Well so-and-so was Type 2 but […]


My son is a person first (2009-5-29)

A person with Type 1 diabetes is a person first, a diagnosis should not change that. For the first 4 years of my son’s life I watched him grow. It seemed he grew taller everyday. His brown eyes grew deeper, and his eye lashes seemingly grew longer as he slept. His blonde hair only got […]