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Connections. (2009-6-30)

Living with Type 1 diabetes is difficult. It is a 24/7/365/lifetime job that no one ever applied for, and you’re not allowed to quit no matter how much you want to. One key to avoiding burnout with the daunting task of managing Type 1 is to make connections with others on your same path. Camp […]


Expenses. (2009-6-29)

People with Type 1 diabetes and caregivers of children with Type 1 diabetes should not have to go into debt to pay for life sustaining supplies. People should never have to chose between their health or good credit. That’s appalling. Fortunately, let me say that again louder FORTUNATELY, my husband works for a wonderful company […]


Changes. (2009-6-28)

Watching your child suffer through the ups and downs of Type 1 diabetes is like watching them get picked on in the corner of the school yard…and there’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t usually complain about Type 1 diabetes, heck, it’s not my disease, it’s my son’s, but I am really hating […]