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Equipment. (2009-7-30)

Dealing with Type 1 diabetes is a challenge, and one of the greatest obstacles is ensuring that the equipment that acts as life support is working properly. My son’s life relies on his proper dosage of insulin based on his carb intake and his blood glucose values. Yet, how he determines his blood glucose numbers […]


Dear Son. (2009-7-25)

To my baby boy, Two years ago this awful disease of Type 1 Diabetes invaded your body. Although I wish I could erase that day from my memory, it has remained a permanent fixture in my thoughts. You were so brave that day, walking into the unknown. As we walked 3 blocks to the hospital […]


Dear Daughter. (2009-7-25)

To my baby girl, Two years ago you were just that, a baby. You were only a little over 2 years old when your big brother was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I left you for the first time in your short life to go and stay with him in the hospital. I don’t know […]