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Predictably unpredictable. (2009-8-28)

What I find so interesting about Type 1 diabetes is that the only thing that is predictable about it is that it is truly unpredictable. I check my son’s sugar a minimum of 10 times a day.  Before each check I do a mini run down of the day, last time he ate, last bolus […]


Logging. (2009-8-25)

Parents of children with Type 1 diabetes know the importance of logging blood glucose numbers. Many people outside of the world of Type 1 diabetes may not even realize what logging entails and the reasons behind logging. While the specifics of logging blood glucose numbers is different for every person, I can explain what I […]


504 Plan (2009-8-17)

Many parents of children living with Type 1 Diabetes seek out and receive a 504 Plan for their child to ensure the child treated exactly like everyone else regardless of his diabetes. According to the Office of Civil Rights a 504 Plan is as follows: The Section 504 regulations require a school district to provide […]