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ordinary illnesses (2009-10-29)

As a mom I worry about my children getting sick. We take precautions when we are out and about. We wash our hands and use hand sanitizer at the drop of a hat. My daughter uses so much soap when she washes her hands that I am afraid she’ll slip down the drain. I wish […]


Will the fear go away? (2009-10-22)

As a mom of a boy living with Type 1 diabetes there are times when I fear the most for his safety and life. Funny enough they are probably not when you think. They are not when he’s riding his bike, or at school, or even when he’s trying to be a superhero and fly. […]


What is a pediatric endocrinologist? (2009-10-14)

Every parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes knows what a pediatric endocrinologist is AFTER their child is diagnosed. Before diagnosis the extent of my knowledge of doctors was dentist, OB/gyn, pediatrician and general practitioner. I will never forget when I diagnosed my son by telling the pediatrician to check the sugar in his […]