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Thanksgiving. (2009-11-23)

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday; by far one of my favorites. What can be better than a day with family and friends celebrating how thankful we are for all we have in each other? I love Thanksgiving. My son who has Type 1 diabetes also loves Thanksgiving. He loves going to Nannie and Papa’s house […]


Guinea Pig (2009-11-18)

There have been many nicknames that I have lovingly called my son since he was born. Some that come to mind are sweet potato, baby, sweetheart, and lovey. One that I never thought would come to mind when thinking about my son is guinea pig, but that is exactly what I feel like he is […]


Our diagnosis story. (2009-11-9)

This was written by me a few days after diagnosis. I wanted to remember the chain of events. Honestly I can write a book based on those 3 days alone. This is just a snippet of how our story began. My son was off for about 6 months prior to diagnosis. He was whiny, angry, […]