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Diabetes and cognition. (2010-1-22)

When my son was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few people mentioned in passing that it is the ‘thinking man’s disease.’ I wasn’t sure what they meant until I was inundated with blood glucose numbers, insulin dosage amounts, pump basal and bolus rates, insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity ratios and carb amounts […]


No Pre-Type 1 diabetes (2010-1-14)

As Type 2 diabetes becomes more and more prevalent in our society so are the commercials on television telling you how to avoid getting it. The commercials talk about doctors warning their patients that they have pre-diabetes and with weight control and exercise there may be a way to never get full blown diabetes. What […]


As in life… (2010-1-8)

When you become a parent you realize there are all types of parenting styles. When you become a parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes you realize the same holds true for that as well. There are many different parenting styles when it comes to taking care of diabetes in your own home. You […]