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Things I wish you knew about Type 1 diabetes… (2011-10-31)

1. I wish you knew that there really is no controlling blood glucose. Blood glucose is affected by weather, emotions including but not limited to fear, excitement, and worry, illness, growing, hormones, sleep, activity or lackethereof, severe change of schedule, and absorption of insulin. I’m sure there are more but those are the biggies for […]


Kid first…diabetes second…easier said than done. (2011-10-23)

That is my mantra. Since our diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes over 4 years ago when my little guy was just a teeny baby in my eyes I have tried my absolute best, and with pretty good success I think, at letting him live as normal as life as possible. After my initial breakdown of […]


Even this girl has her limits… (2011-10-22)

…and it seems to be about 35 minutes. That’s the distance that both my son and I consider to be a comfortable distance for me to be away from him. As with most things you really never know something until you are forced to experience it. Back when my son was first diagnosed with Type […]