How dare you…

How dare you assume when my son’s blood sugars are higher than expected that it is something I am not doing.

How dare you assume when my son’s blood sugars are higher than expected that it is because I am not giving insulin.

How dare you assume when my son’s blood sugars are higher than expected that it is because I am not trying my absolute hardest.

Rest assured, how to keep my son’s blood sugars in check is on my mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I eat. When I sleep (or don’t sleep). When I am watching my kids boogie board. When I am food shopping. When I am watching TV. When I am on Facebook. When I am roller skating. When I am reading. When I am in the bathroom. When I am walking our dog. When I am getting the mail. When I am applying for jobs. When I am booking our vacation. When I am helping my husband in the yard. When I am putting my daughter’s earrings. When I am navigating the subway. When I am catching a cab. When I am getting dressed. When I am brushing my teeth. When I am getting a haircut. When I am working. Twenty-four seven.

Next time, before you assume it is me not doing my job as a pancreas, consider the following: puberty, hormones, stress, weather, illness, exercise, incorrect carb count on food, bad insulin, or bad insulin site as the possible cause.

Consider this too…I would kill for my son. It breaks my heart into 10,000 pieces every time he has a high blood sugar that I cannot figure out the cause. Until my dying breath, I will continue to work on my son’s numbers. I will never stop trying to figure out how to get his numbers as close to range as possible.

How dare you assume that I am doing anything less than everything I could possibly do.

Shame on you.

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  1. #10Julie @ 2012-8-14 22:41

    Right On!!! Know that you are not alone, as illustrated by all of the other posts. I believe that those that make assumptions like that and thoughtless comments have never been where we are. They need to spend a day or two in our shoes. I doubt they could handle it.

  2. #9Leslie @ 2012-8-14 15:07

    Thank you all so much!

  3. #8Janis @ 2012-8-14 10:57

    I felt the same way! If I obsessed on my teenage son’s numbers any more than I have, I would probably be on my way to the mental institution! And the endo made us feel horrible like I was a failing parent! “You need to have more consequences for him.” As if he was not punished enough just having the disease! We changed endos, and now got a wonderful woman who is supportive, and responsive to us and what we are going through. It really has made a difference, because we are willing to talk to her more openly and she LISTENS and makes changes accordingly = better numbers. Not perfect, but better!

  4. #7Julie @ 2012-8-14 10:00

    THANK YOU!!! Can I show this to our endo??! I have 3 t1 sons. One is an adult and lives 500 miles away. I can not control what he eats or injects. But the other 2 are 9 and 11! I eat sleep and when I do actually sleep, I dream about diabetes! I am doing the best I can! My children are pin cushions! We test up to 10 times a day!! It kills me that sometimes they are way high and then others they are too low to even go to sleep!!! I hate diabetes!!!

  5. #6Katrina Huckabay @ 2012-8-14 09:30

    I very much agree with you! It sucks that we as parents of T1D have to feel degraded when a disease that is beyond our control rears its ugly head and we get berated for not “doing our job” as a pancreas. Hugs and know that others are right there with you fighter 24/7

  6. #5Tricia @ 2012-8-14 08:00

    Beautifully written. You just gave someone or many people a valuable lesson. I hope they get it now.

  7. #4Dean Massalsky @ 2012-8-14 01:25

    Too bad this happened, but I am right there with your. Regular Doctors do not understand the rage they invoke by acting superior just beceause they have MD in front of their name. I have been told so many ridiculous things re diabetes by Peds, gp’s and nurse, I stopped even being nice about it. They get one short to answer correctly, then hey get the horns.

  8. #3Allison @ 2012-8-13 22:52

    Sorry Les!!! Sometimes my sons fill in school nurse makes me feel that way too!!! 🙁 xo

  9. #2Leslie @ 2012-8-13 18:08

    Thanks Lorraine. It was our regular ped.

  10. #1Lorraine @ 2012-8-13 18:07

    I’m so sorry that someone made you feel this way.